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Technology is helping shape both the public and private health sectors with ground-breaking innovations for improving patient care, transforming healthcare delivery and addressing global health challenges. We offer comprehensive consultancy services assisting medical supply companies in achieving Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) and Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) compliance through our partnership with Safehand. To supply to the NHS and similar organisation, tech suppliers must be DSPT and DTAC accredited.

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Helping you achieve DSPT

DSPT serves as a self-assessment tool and is a contractual obligation for organisations processing or accessing NHS patient data and systems, evaluating against the National Data Guardian's 10 data security standards. All organisations that have access to NHS patient information must provide assurances that they have the proper measures in place to ensure that this information is kept safe and secure.

It is also an annual assessment. As data security standards evolve, the requirements of the DSPT are reviewed and updated to ensure they are aligned with current best practice. Organisations with access to NHS patient data must therefore review and submit their annual assessment each year before the deadline.

Outsourced DPO services

If you supply to the NHS and other healthcare organisation, a data protection officer is mandatory as part of your DTAC compliance.

If you don’t have a DPO in house, we offer our Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS) and can provide your business with a dedicated expert who will ensure your business operations align with applicable data protection and privacy regulations.

We will use our deep insight of the medtech sector together with our unique experience of working with technology engineers and product owners to understand data compliance during the development stages. We will undertake proactive risk assessments and efficiently handle data subject requests, empowering your organisation to protect sensitive information.

These services enable us to offer you a full-service solution for digital health compliance, while enhancing your data protection and cyber security measures to safeguard sensitive patient information. With CSS Assure, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to safeguarding data and maintaining regulatory compliance, keeping your professional reputation intact and ensuring peace of mind in today's complex data landscape.

Helping you achieve DTAC

DTAC sets the national baseline criteria for digital health technologies in use or entering the NHS or social care sectors.

Compliance with DTAC necessitates meeting DSPT security standards, conducting DPIAs (Data Protection Impact Assessments) on systems, appointing a DPO (Data Protection Officer), obtaining a Cyber Essentials certificate, and adhering to DCB129 standards for clinical risk management in health IT systems.

For health organisations like NHS Trusts, we extend support for DCB0160 Clinical Risk Management, ensuring the deployment and use of health IT systems adhere to regulatory standards.

By providing support with DCB0129 and DCB0160 compliance frameworks, we can help ensure that you meet the standards for data transfer and protection in the medical supply chain and health organisations.



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Our Clients & Partners

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