About us.

Passionate about cyber and data security

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Protecting clients from cyberattacks and cyber criminals

Our team is make up of experts from across the cyber security industry operating from key locations across the globe, including the UK, EU and USA.

Who do you want on your side against the cyber hackers? Our team has a unique blend of ex-military leaders who have forged successful careers within corporate organisations.

A global network of consultants with a combination of experience and expertise, cool headedness, strategic vision and precision thinking that is unrivalled when it comes to protecting our clients, their businesses, their data and their futures.

What our clients say

“Invaluable to helping grow our data strategy”
Gladstone Brookes

“We have been very pleased with the outcomes of working with CSS Assure. With their advice and guidance we have been able to develop and implement a full cyber security infrastructure. Having a CISO within the company was important to us so they provided a comprehensive training and mentoring programme to support to a key member of staff to move into this role. Their contribution at board level has been invaluable in growing our data strategy.”

“Very easy, enlightening and rewarding”
Money Management Team

“Working with CSS Assure has been very easy, enlightening and rewarding. We were aware we needed to increase our cyber resilience. We were glad we could rely on their support and guidance to roll out a full cyber security programme across all areas of our business. Their input and advice with cyber insurance reassured us that we had appropriate cover for the scale and nature of our business. We have always found them to be extremely knowledgeable and insightful especially with respect to their ongoing support of our senior management team.”

The 4 stages of cybersecurity

Working with CSS Assure is like having your own personal cyber task force. From protecting your networks and systems and building your team’s resilience, to helping you with regulatory compliance, our IT security services reduce risk and protect your business from attack. There are four steps to our data and cyber security solutions: understanding the risks, fixing the problems, maintaining resilience and reacting fast.

Why CSS Assure?

We’re your full cyber and data protection service

We assess and correct your data quality and compliance, then lock it up tight with cyber security. And with ongoing maintenance, we’ll keep it that way. Choose specific services or ask us for the whole package. You’re safe under our protection.

We’re cool-headed in every crisis

Our senior leadership team is made up of military veterans. We’ve dealt calmly with all kinds of crises, in a range of dangerous, high-stress situations. So if we uncover a breach, or you’re under cyber attack, you can expect practical solutions and a voice of reason.

We want to help you understand cyber & data security

We don’t just recommend tech, tick boxes, and leave you to it. We cut the jargon and explain our advice so you know what you’re signing up for. And we offer comprehensive training to ensure compliance throughout your team.