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Fulfil your legal obligations with our outsourced DPO services

Under the UK GDPR, you must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) if:

  • you are a public authority or body (except for UK courts);
  • your core activities require large-scale, regular and systematic monitoring of individuals (for example, online behaviour tracking); or.
  • your core activities consist of large-scale processing of special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences.

Regardless of whether the UK GDPR obliges you to appoint a DPO, you must have sufficient staff and resources to meet your obligations under the UK GDPR. If you don’t then you could need to outsource your DPO function.

How can we help?

Our experienced DPO service provides your business with a dedicated expert, who acts as an extension of your team, helping you navigate the complexities of data protection laws, such as GDPR, and support your business in implementing best practices for data privacy and security.

When working with us, we will review your current data protection policies and compliance status before developing a comprehensive data protection strategy tailored to your business. We will then aid in the implementation phase and training and continue to monitor updates to ensure you are in line with ever changing compliance and data protection laws.  

With CSS Assure, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to safeguarding data and maintaining regulatory compliance, keeping your professional reputation intact and ensuring peace of mind in today’s complex data landscape. FInd out more about our DPO service below.

What our DPO service offers

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

We conduct regular PIAs to identify and mitigate privacy risks in your business operations.

Training and Awareness

We'll support your customers and staff, covering rights, requests, questions and complaints. Whatever you need, we’re here to advise and all without judgement. We provide training to your staff on data protection regulations, rights, and responsibilities, fostering a culture of privacy awareness. We help them understand the rules and create a culture of data compliance awareness ensuring your team — and business — stay resilient.

Data Protection Advisory

We offer expert advice on data protection strategies, including data minimisation, access controls, and encryption. 

Incident Response Management

In the event of a data breach, our DPO assists in managing the incident response effectively to minimise damage and ensure timely reporting to relevant authorities.

Our Clients & Partners

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Our Clients & Partners

Why CSS Assure?

We’re your full cyber and data protection service

We assess and correct your data quality and compliance, then lock it up tight with cyber security. And with ongoing maintenance, we’ll keep it that way. Choose specific services or ask us for the whole package. You’re safe under our protection.

We’re cool-headed in every crisis

Our senior leadership team is made up of military veterans. We’ve dealt calmly with all kinds of crises, in a range of dangerous, high-stress situations. So if we uncover a breach, or you’re under cyber attack, you can expect practical solutions and a voice of reason.

We want to help you understand cyber & data security

We don’t just recommend tech, tick boxes, and leave you to it. We cut the jargon and explain our advice so you know what you’re signing up for. And we offer comprehensive training to ensure compliance throughout your team.