Cyber incident handling services.

Get rapid, expert support for data breaches and cyber security incidents

What’s your plan for when things go wrong?

From hacks to regulation breaches, cyber and data security, incidents happen, and if disaster strikes, you need to contain the problem and control the damage. You’re safe with CSS Assure on your side — simply call our experts whenever an incident occurs. We’ll act fast to solve any cyber or data crisis, giving calm, clear support before the damage spreads.

How we deal with data security and cyber incidents


Maybe you suspect a hack, or you’ve noticed suspicious activity. Whatever’s happened, rather than worry about it, pick up the phone to activate our rapid response team. We’ll help you minimise the scope and scale of the crisis, whether it’s a data breach, a cyber incident, or both, and keep the lights on while we fix the problem.








Once the incident is under control, we’ll work with you to get you back on your feet. Our experts help minimise damage to retain your reputation and restore business confidence, while strengthening cyber defences for the future. We’ll run any investigations needed — and support regulatory or industry inquiries, too.





Why CSS Assure?

We’re your full cyber and data protection service

We assess and correct your data quality and compliance, then lock it up tight with cyber security. And with ongoing maintenance, we’ll keep it that way. Choose specific services or ask us for the whole package. You’re safe under our protection.

We’re cool-headed in every crisis

Our senior leadership team is made up of military veterans. We’ve dealt calmly with all kinds of crises, in a range of dangerous, high-stress situations. So if we uncover a breach, or you’re under cyber attack, you can expect practical solutions and a voice of reason.

We want to help you understand cyber & data security

We don’t just recommend tech, tick boxes, and leave you to it. We cut the jargon and explain our advice so you know what you’re signing up for. And we offer comprehensive training to ensure compliance throughout your team.