How safe is your data?.

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Would you ever dream of going away on holiday and leaving your front door wide open?

No, of course you wouldn’t, but 37% of British SMEs (small and medium sized businesses) don’t have a cybersecurity plan in place, leaving themselves wide open to attack from hackers worldwide.

Devastating consequences

Said Mike Wills of CSS: “The devastating consequences of a major data breach only become apparent once your firm has been pillaged. The financial consequences could be far reaching, but there’s also the damage to professional reputation and the potential mass exodus of clients whose data was stolen when supposedly in your safe keeping.


“In today’s ultra-competitive and financially stringent times the cost of installing proper cyber security can seem to be draining your business of much needed operational funds. But, it has to be weighed against a potential €20 million fine or the loss of 4% of your annual turnover for a serious breach of GDPR.


“The only way to look at things is that there are serious criminal elements hard at work on a daily basis trying to break down your defences and steal your data.”


Cloud storage

The adoption of cloud storage by more than 40% of British businesses could make small businesses vulnerable to attack as 60% of all data stored in the cloud is not access secured which is a bit like leaving the safe door open before the thieves arrive. Obviously extra security measures are needed to deter cloud-hopping hackers from helping themselves to your goodies.



We are constantly reminded that we should change our passwords regularly to help ensure the safety of our data both personal and business. But it’s obvious some people just don’t listen.


Breach analysis reported in the first ever UK cyber survey conducted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) found that globally 23.2 million hacked accounts used the password 123456 and just five passwords can give hackers access to 10% of all IoT (Internet of Things) devices because their owners never change the manufacturer’s default password.


Said Mike Wills: “Good cyber security doesn’t rely on just one thing. There are many layers to a good security policy, but strong password protection is one of the main lines of defence with all employees encouraged to use best practice to keep your data safe.”



Published: 24th July 2019
Area: Data & Security Transformation